Missing Movie Review

June's hunt for answers is hampered by international red tape when her mother goes missing while on vacation in Colombia with her new lover. June, who is hundreds of miles away in Los Angeles, decides to carry out the investigation on her own using all of the technology available to her after the FBI at the embassy is unable to find a lead. As she dives further, though, her digital investigation generates more questions than answers.




“Missing” is a stunning film that is also awe-inspiring. This 2023 film is a standalone sequel to the 2018 film, Searching.

The story is well-executed in mystery and emotion, and the actors’ performances are outstanding.

The movie is so brilliantly put together that it manages to capture your interest right away and hold it until the very end.

I’ll break down the movie’s story, characters, and cinematography in this review and offer my opinion of its positives and negatives.


I loved the performances of everyone in this film with the portrayal of Storm Reid as June Allen being the standout. She is there for the huge majority of the film and she justified every scene she was in.

Nia Long as Grace Allen is barely in the movie but she does bring out a decent performance in the scenes she’s in.

I also loved Joaquim de Almeida’s depiction of Javier and the way the friendship forms between him and June during her investigation feels so natural.

I enjoyed the execution of the mystery and the climax of the film was a very unexpected moment.

I also became a fan of the movie’s style and the way it’s edited is crazy. The movie’s meticulous attention to detail would probably inspire any die-hard movie lover.

None of the characters felt like idiots and none of the scenes gave off the vibe that it was unnatural or illogical.

The movie may have limited locations, but how each scene is captured deserves commendation. The meticulous attention given to every shot is evident and speaks volumes about the effort invested in the film.


I only have 2 minor issues with the film but neither one didn’t negatively affect my experience in any way. The first one is that there were some moments in the film where both the shots and the way Storm Reid’s character, June Allen, finds the information felt a bit too convenient.

My second issue was with the execution of Joaquim de Almeida’s character, Javier. While the performance is excellent, the movie established a backstory with his character with no payoff. I felt that the movie could’ve given his character a bit more runtime to complete his character arc.


In conclusion, you’ll be on the edge of your seat the entire time you watch this gripping and suspenseful movie, Missing.

The performances of the cast are superb, especially the lead actress who portrays the desperate and determined teenager of a kidnapped mother.

There are several unexpected twists in the narrative, which keep you intrigued and guessing.

The cinematography and the way it’s edited create a realistic and immersive atmosphere that enhances the tension and emotion of the story.

Missing is a must-watch flick for any movie lover who enjoys a well-crafted and gripping mystery.

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