Kuttey Movie Review

One rainy night in the Mumbai suburbs, several gangs are out to loot a van full of currency that was intended to restock ATMs all over the city when they unintentionally meet paths with one another and it's every man for himself.




As a medium, Bollywood is renowned for its opulent productions and dramatic storylines that leave a lasting impression on its audience. One such recent release, “Kuttey,” directed by Aasmaan Bhardwaj, in his directorial debut, was anticipated to be nothing short of magnificent. However, upon watching the film, I was left with mixed feelings. Here is my genuine and emotionally charged review of “Kuttey”.


Regarding the acting performances, the movie had an ensemble cast of some of the most talented actors in Bollywood, including Tabu, Naseeruddin Shah, and Konkona Sen Sharma. Each actor delivered a remarkable performance, with Tabu’s portrayal of Poonam Sandhu aka Pammi being the standout.

The direction and cinematography of “Kuttey” were masterfully crafted by Aasmaan Bhardwaj and Farhad Ahmed Dehlvi respectively. Bhardwaj was able to bring out the best performances from his actors and Farhad was able to create a gritty and realistic world that felt genuine to the audience. Farhad Ahmed Dehlvi’s cinematography was also remarkable, capturing stunning shots of Mumbai’s underbelly.

The background score was fitting and complemented the film’s action sequences.


As the curtains lifted and the film began, I was filled with anticipation to see what the director had in store for me. The initial scenes of the movie were captivating, with intense action sequences and a concept that promised to keep me on the edge of my seat. Nevertheless, as the film progressed, I found myself feeling underwhelmed and disconnected.

While I did like the performances of each actor, some of the supporting actors and Arjun Kapoor failed to leave a lasting impression.

Vishal Bhardwaj, who is also a well-known music composer, composed the film’s music while the lyrics are provided by Gulzar and Faiz Ahmad Faiz. While the songs were competent and added to the film’s overall atmosphere, they did not leave a lasting impression.

The first half of the movie was slow-paced, with minimal plot development, and failed to hold my attention. The second half picked up the pace, but the editing could have been tighter. The climax fell short of expectations and left me wanting more.


In conclusion, “Kuttey” is a film that has exceptional acting performances, competent direction, and skilled cinematography, but it falls short in terms of a captivating plot, memorable music, and tight editing. I would recommend the film for its remarkable acting performances and exceptional direction, but I would not expect much from the storyline.

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