Plane Movie Review

Commercial pilot Brodie Torrance saves passengers from a lightning strike by landing on a rebel-controlled island, only to discover that surviving the landing was only the beginning. When a deadly rebel gang kidnaps the passengers, the only person Torrance can rely on for support is Louis Gaspare, an alleged murderer being transferred by the FBI.




I didn’t watch “Plane” till now since I was preoccupied with Indian releases at the time. I finally got around to watching it and thought it would be a nice way to wrap up the January releases.

If you’ve watched the trailer, you already know what to expect, but I really enjoyed this film anyway. This is one of the finest movies to come out of America in January 2023.


Gerard Butler as Brodie Torrance is excellent in this flick. He does an excellent job as a former Air Force pilot in charge of saving his passengers.

I enjoyed how they take their time thinking about what they need to do, what the best course of action is, how to avoid panic and get everyone to comply, and so on.

I especially enjoy his interaction with Mike Colter as Louis Gaspare, a former GPC French Foreign Legion passenger who is being extradited on a murder charge. I enjoy how he has a mysterious vibe about him. In the film, they form an excellent partnership.

In this film, Louis Gaspare is essentially the badass. He is generally the group’s strategist, and the way they communicate with one another is another highlight of the film.

Gerard Butler does get harmed, particularly in the first combat sequence. It’s a single long take of Gerard Butler fighting one of the rebels, and it’s one of the film’s strongest moments.

I also appreciate how tense the film is. One of the more suspenseful moments in the movie is the crash landing, and that’s one of the scenes I liked a lot.

I enjoyed how the few passengers on the plane had such a wide-enough variety of personalities that they didn’t all feel like the exact same person.

I especially enjoyed how Haleigh Hekking portrays Daniela, Brodie Torrance’s daughter. Even though she doesn’t do a lot in the movie, I appreciate her contribution to the plot. She is someone for Brodie Torrance to return home to, and I think she plays that role effectively, and her integration into the narrative is convincing.


While I enjoy Mike Colter’s character, we don’t learn much about him as the film unfolds. The only thing we know from Mike Colter’s portrayal of Louis Gaspare and his interactions with Gerard Butler’s portrayal of Brodie Torrance is that Louis was a former GCP French Foreign Legion passenger who was extradited by the FBI on murder charges.

I wish there had been more than 14 or so passengers on the commercial flight because I thought the stakes would have been greater had there been more people.

My only serious complaint of this movie is that it was directed in a haphazard manner. The shaky cam is utilized at times throughout the film, which I despise.


Overall, this is a highly entertaining film. You must approach it with minimal expectations and a more relaxed mentality. You must suspend your disbelief and toss logic and everything out the window. If you can accomplish that, you will definitely enjoy this film.

This film is ideal for anyone looking for a fun, one-time-watch action thriller entertainment. I recommend watching this film once it becomes accessible on an OTT platform.

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