Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar Movie Review

Rohan 'Mickey' Arora is the son of Ramesh Arora, a wealthy business entrepreneur, and resides in Delhi with his family. He and his best buddy, Manu Dabbas, covertly act as break-up consultants, assisting individuals in ending their relationships. Manu's bachelor celebration takes Mickey and Manu to Spain. Kinchi, Manu's fiancée, and her friend Nisha 'Tinni' Malhotra accompany them. Mickey and Tinni spend time together and finally fall in love. Manu and Kinchi marry upon their return, while Mickey and Tinni present each other to their respective families. Both families accept their relationship and make arrangements for their wedding. Tinni, on the other hand, believes she is not prepared for marriage and decides to end her relationship with Mickey. Tinni calls the break-up consultant, unaware that it is Mickey, and requests assistance in breaking up with him. Mickey agrees to help, unaware that he is conversing with Tinni.




I was really looking forward to this movie because Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor are in it, and I thought they were a great pick for a romantic comedy.

Overall, I loved the film, although there were several aspects that bothered me.


Except for one, I like the performances of all of the characters in this film. Ranbir Kapoor has evolved as an actor, and his character in this film felt different from his previous ones. His portrayal of the character and performance both had some variety.

Dimple Kapadia, who plays Ranbir Kapoor’s mother, is the character I most identified with. She seemed quite relatable, both in terms of behaviour and depiction.

The conflict in this film is powerful. It’s pertinent, and it’s a problem that most young people encounter at some point in their relationships. It had some relatability, which I appreciated.

I also enjoy the film’s soundtrack. Songs like “Tere Pyaar Mein,” “O Bedardeya,” and “Pyaar Hota Kayi Baar Hai” are favourites of mine. I enjoy how all of the songs fit with the setting of the scene, which is unusual in a romantic comedy film of this style.

I also enjoy how the best friend character in the film has a purpose in the story. In this film, he is the voice of reason. The comments he makes in this movie are some of the points I made while watching it, therefore I felt that the best friend role is executed and portrayed effectively.

This film’s humour is also appealing to me. I wasn’t laughing out loud at any of the comedic moments, but it did make me giggle or smirk.

I also appreciated Kartik Aaryan and Nushrat Bharucha’s cameo appearances, whom I believe enhanced the film’s second half.


Boney Kapoor makes his acting debut in this film, and he is present. He does a good job, although he doesn’t have much to do in the movie. He doesn’t have much of a role in this film since he is in the background. When you’re immersed in the plot, you are unlikely to realize he’s there.

The weakest song in this film, in my opinion, was “Show Me The Thumka,” which I disliked the most.

The one-take speeches did not sit well with me. It was entertaining to see Kartik Aaryan perform it in Pyaar Ka Punchnama, and it was acceptable the first few times in this film, but I felt like this skill was overused in this movie.

I acknowledge Shraddha Kapoor as a talented actor, but this is not one of her best performances. I’ve seen her do far better in other flicks. It felt like she was winging it since she couldn’t match Ranbir Kapoor’s level of performance, and something felt odd when I saw her on screen. I’m not sure what it was, but something felt strange whenever she was acting, as there were a few instances where she seemed somewhat out of place.

I believed that roughly 10 to 15 minutes of the film’s length should have been trimmed out or made shorter since there were several sequences that felt a little too long to me and that cutting them would have been better for the storytelling.


Even though I had several problems with the film, I still appreciated it. This is not one of the most memorable romantic comedy flicks in my opinion. I don’t think this is going to be on the same level as Jab We Met or Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

I would avoid seeing it in theatres and instead wait for the OTT release. That’s what I suggest, and if you have a particularly sensitive family, avoid viewing with them if they are provoked by a bikini or kissing scenes.

It’s a very engaging and entertaining film with some pretty enjoyable moments, excellent songs, and really nice choreography. Therefore, absolutely watch it when it becomes accessible on an OTT platform.

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