Why the Jurassic Park Sequels are Bad

Jurassic Park is one of the most well-known and popular film series of all time. It was a groundbreaking achievement in visual effects, storytelling and suspense. It introduced us to a world where dinosaurs were brought back to life and humans had to face the consequences of their hubris. It was a thrilling adventure that captured the imagination of millions of people.

But what happened to the sequels? Why did they fail to live up to the original? Why did they become more and more ridiculous and less and less engaging? In this essay, I will try to answer these questions and explain why the Jurassic Park sequels are bad.

The first problem with the sequels is that they lack the sense of wonder and awe that the original had. Jurassic Park was not just about dinosaurs chasing people. It was about exploring a new world, a world that had been extinct for millions of years. It was about seeing creatures that we had only read about in books or seen in museums. It was about witnessing the power and beauty of nature.

The sequels, on the other hand, treat dinosaurs as mere props or obstacles. They are no longer fascinating or mysterious. They are just there to cause mayhem and destruction. They are reduced to clich├ęs and stereotypes. They are either mindless monsters or cute pets. They have no personality or character. They have no connection to the theme or message of the story.

The second problem with the sequels is that they repeat the same formula over and over again. Jurassic Park had a simple but effective plot: a group of people are trapped on an island with dinosaurs and have to survive. The sequels try to replicate this plot with minor variations, but they end up being boring and predictable. They do not provide anything fresh or unique. They do not expand or deepen the mythology or lore of the franchise. They do not explore any interesting or relevant issues or questions.

The sequels also rely on contrived and illogical scenarios to justify their existence. They ignore or contradict the established rules and logic of the original. They create plot holes and inconsistencies that make no sense. They force characters to make stupid and irrational decisions that serve only to create conflict or danger. They introduce new elements or twists that are either nonsensical or irrelevant.

The third problem with the sequels is that they have weak and unlikable characters. Jurassic Park had memorable and charismatic characters that we cared about and rooted for. They had distinct personalities, motivations and arcs. They had chemistry and dynamics with each other. They had flaws and strengths that made them human and relatable.

The sequels, however, have bland and forgettable characters that we do not care about or root for. They have no depth, development or growth. They have no charisma or charm. They have no chemistry or dynamics with each other. They have no flaws or strengths that make them human or relatable.

The sequels also waste the potential of some of the returning characters from the original. They either change them for the worse or sideline them for the sake of new characters. They do not respect their legacy or role in the franchise. They do not give them any meaningful or satisfying closure or continuation.

In conclusion, the Jurassic Park sequels are bad because they lack the wonder, originality and character of the original. They are uninspired, repetitive and dull. They are a disappointment and a disgrace to one of the greatest movies ever made.

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